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Asbestos Waste Removal

Asbestos is classed as hazardous waste and disposal of asbestos is strictly regulated. Asbestos waste describes any asbestos products or materials that are ready to be disposed of. This can include:

  • Old asbestos sheeting in your backyard
  • Contaminated materials
  • Tools that cannot be decontaminated
  • Overalls
  • Dust debris
  • Disposable masks
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How is asbestos waste removed?

Asbestos waste must be sealed in suitable asbestos-labelled packs to prevent fibres being released. Asbestos waste MUST then be double-bagged or wrapped in 200um polythene. It MUST be clearly marked and labelled asbestos.

Standard practice is to use a special clear inner asbestos bag – marked up with asbestos warning labels – and a clear outer bag with appropriate hazard markings and asbestos warning labels. Intact asbestos cement sheets and textured coatings firmly attached to a backing board should not be broken up into smaller pieces. These should instead be carefully double-wrapped in suitable polythene sheeting (200 um gauge) and labelled.

Asbestos must be disposed at a licensed landfill site and needs to be transported by a company who has a Controlled Waste Carriers License issued by the Environment Agency. KBE Asbestos Removal has a Controlled Waste Carriers License, and we always provide a Waste Consignment Note to all our clients to show all our waste has been disposed of safely and legally.

Whether you have an asbestos pipe or guttering from a domestic house to be collected or a dismantled asbestos cement building, we can offer you a full asbestos collection service. If you have a large amount of asbestos to be disposed of on site, we’ll supply you with a skip and our trained staff will dispose of the asbestos safely within the skip.

KBE Asbestos can offer flexible, cost-effective solutions for asbestos waste removal and disposal – and we’ve experience of removing waste all across Perth. We’ll also ensure that any asbestos material does not remain on site any longer than necessary.

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