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Asbestos Encapsulation Paint

Asbestos was a popular component in Australian building materials, right up until the late 1980’s. However now the health dangers of asbestos fibres in the environment are well known. Asbestos roofing, asbestos fencing and asbestos cladding are probably the most visible asbestos containing materials still commonly in use. The Fibroseal asbestos encapsulation system is designed to be applied directly on to weathered asbestos surfaces. The Primer binds weathered asbestos fibres back onto the surface of the material, the Top Coat then encapsulates the entire area and prevents further surface weathering and asbestos degradation. The Fibroseal system extends the life of asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos Encapsulation is a method of coating Asbestos in a seamless protective coating. It is a safe, fast and cost-effective alternative to prior to the Asbestos being removed. If you have asbestos in your building and it is in a good condition, needs only a few repairs or making watertight, then KBE Asbestos Solutions offers a full service.

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What does Asbestos Encapsulation involve?

During the process, KBE Asbestos Removal will apply the Asbestos surface with a PVA-based coating. We used two different materials, both of which have been tested to appropriate Australia Standards.

Primer – this is a bridging encapsulant or sealant. It is quick-dry.

Topcoat – this is a durable, flexible water-resistant encapsulant for internal and external use. It is touch dry within 2 hours, and fully dry within 24 hours.

The asbestos encapsulation coatings will:

  • Protect and repair any damaged asbestos.
  • Seal any exposed, raw asbestos edges.
  • Reduce the risks of knocks and scrapes releasing fibres
  • Reduces the risk of any fibre release through general degradation

Is It safe?

Once our asbestos encapsulation product is applied it will prevent the material from cracking, flaking and breaking – provided that it is left untouched and not disturbed in any way.

However, it is important that the material is periodically managed on a yearly basis as part of an Asbestos management plan, which is part of our service.

Safety Precautions

High pressure cleaning of asbestos surfaces is strictly prohibited.

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