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Asbestos Millboard Products

Asbestos Millboard Products

Asbestos insulating board is a lightly compressed board made from asbestos fibre and hydrated Portland cement or calcium silicate with other filler materials and can be used for structural purposes e.g. as a partition.

Commonly Found: Ceiling Tiles, Wall Panels, Fire Doors, Window Panels, Soffits, Boxing around structural steel work, Lift shafts, Commonly Used for: fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance to moisture movement and general building board. Found in service ducts, firebreaks, infill panels, partitions and ceilings (including ceiling tiles), roof underlay, wall linings, external canopies and porch linings.

Acoustic Insulation Board: Asbestos Millboard

Crocidolite (blue) asbestos was used in some millboard manufacture between 1896 and 1965; usually chrysotile (white) asbestos. Millboards may contain 37-97% asbestos, with a mixture of clay and starch.

Commonly Found: Pipe runs, electrical gear, vaults, storage.

Commonly used for: general heat insulation and fire protection. Also used for insulation of electrical equipment and plant.

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