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Chrysotile White Asbestos

type of asbestos

White Asbestos Chrysotile is the only member of the serpentine group of asbestos. Characteristically curly, this asbestos is the most flexible of all. This allows asbestos fibres to be spun and formed into textile to make gloves, fire blankets, and fire protection clothing, they can be formed into fabric just like regular cotton.

White Asbestos can withstand hot temperatures, and still be resistant to alkalis (bases). Their resistance to alkalis renders them a good reinforcing compound with concrete, rendering their non-flammable properties to concrete.

Chrysotile white asbestos was the most widely used asbestos comprising about 95% of asbestos mined annually. Other uses of asbestos cement products such as corrugated sheet and cavity roof decking, drainage and sewage pipes are acceptable under current regulations. Under similar conditions, products containing chrysotile tend to age better than those containing crocidolite or amosite

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