Commercial Roofing Contractors in Perth

There are many reasons a building might need to replace its roof. Many roofing materials prior to the start of this millennium contained the mineral asbestos, which is dangerous and can cause mesothelioma. Roofing is exposed to the elements and can wear out fairly quick due to rain and hail. Tiles are easily torn up by the wind and leaks can occur. Whatever the reason, Perth commercial roofing contractors can easily replace bad roofing.

There are many benefits to replacing the roofing of a building, besides removing hazardous materials or stopping leaks. Many of the roofing materials used nowadays are usually made of steel or polymers. These substances are more durable and weather resistant than traditional materials. Replacing the roofing with these materials can also drastically reduce heating and cooling costs. They are a great investment that can help tons of money in the future.

There are two types of steel roofing commonly used by commercial roofing contractors; one contains tin and the other has aluminium and zinc coatings. These materials are very resistant to weathering and the coating will prevent warping and rust wherever there are cut edges. Steel does not contain any hazardous minerals and is one of the strongest materials produced by industrial nations. It is also one of the best for maintaining temperature within a structure.

Ampelite is the industry name for clear roofing materials made of a carbon polymer. Carbon is what diamonds are made of, after being subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Diamonds are the hardest substance currently known to mankind. While the roofing is not actually made of diamonds, it is one of the greenest materials available on the market. Carbon does not rust, so it has a slight advantage over steel materials.

KBE Asbestos Removal & Commercial Roofing Contractors are licenced and trained for commercial or domestic roofing repair and replacement as well as being able to do insulation. They are a fully licenced asbestos removal surface, so they are able to safely remove and dispose of old roofing and replace it with new roofing that is not so hazardous. With KBE, safety is always a top priority for workers and clients. To find out how KBE can assist you with your commercial roofing needs, give them a call on (08) 9358 1170 or email

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