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Building Resoruces

  • Basement Waterproofing and Exterior Foundation Waterproofing - We have the right solutions to your Wet Basement Problems. Engineered, Proven, Cost Effective Permanent Solutions - FREE Estimates.
  • EPDM: EPDM Coatings, Liquid Rubber Coatings, Liquid EPDM, EPDM liquid roof coatings, Elastomeric Roof Coatings and EPDM Liquid Rubber for Roof Leaks repair. Roof Repair is now Easy with epdm roof coatings.
  • EPDM Coatings: At EPDM coatings our specialty coatings provide; long-term protection, energy efficiency and cost savings for our customers.
  • Liquid Roof Coatings: Liquid Roof Coatings, Liquid Rubber Roof Coating, Liquid EPDM and EPDM Coatings for Roof Leaks repair and RV roof repair. Liquid roof and liquid rubber is the only liquid epdm product in the word. Both Epdm liquid roof and Epdm liquid rubber can be used on Metal and Concrete roofs repair.
  • Liquid Roof: Liquid Roof, Liquid Rubber and Liquid EPDM Coatings. Liquid Roof coatings and Liquid Rubber coatings for leaking roof repair.
  • Liquid Roof: Liquid Roof is EPDM product. Liquid roof, Liquid Rubber, liquid rubber roof coatings and EPDM Rubber for roof repair and commercial roof leaks Repair and Roof Repair.
  • Roof Coatings: Roof Coatings and Elastomeric roof coatings for roof repair and rv roof leaks repair. Elastomeric Roof Coatings can Fix Roof Leaks in Flat Roofs, RV Roofs, Asphalt Built Up, Modified Bitumen, Metal Roofing, Polyurethane Foam and Single Ply Roofing (EPDM, PVC, TPO).
  • EPDM Liners: EPDM Liners, Pond leaks, Pond Repair. Pondpro2000 is a 100% liquid EPDM and 100% compatible to your EPDM pond liner sold in pond supply stores.
  • Owner Builder Kit Homes: Owner build your own home. Becoming an owner builder is easy and can save you thousands on building your own kit home.
  • Kit Home Prices: Great savings can be made by buying a kit home and building it yourself as an owner builder. Choose to just manage the building project or save even more by being more hands on.
  • Concrete and Asphalt Crack Repair Products - Roklin Systems Inc Roklin has more than 20 years experience in the development and application of polyurethane products for crack repair, concrete repair and asphalt repair. Our concrete repair products, crack repair products and asphalt repair products are specifically designed to provide quick installation and long-term durability for everything from high-traffic roadways to parking decks, to your driveway or flooring at home.
  • Septic Tank Pumping Atlanta: Aames Plumbing and Heating, serving the Atlanta GA area, has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing, septic, heating, and air conditioning business.


Home Decor

  • Area Rugs: Bring warmth to your room by choosing from our selection of brand name area rugs.

Home Improvement

  • Global Shade Australia offer a range of shade solutions including Shade Canopies, Awnings, shade sails, outdoor umbrellas and PVC blinds. Call Global Shade at 1800 251 516
  • Global Shade Direct offer Gold Coast Shade Structures for shopping malls, theme parks, hotels and resorts & airports. Contact us for Commercial Shade Sails & Tension Membranes
  • ShadeLink offers quotes for Australian Shade Sails for Residential homes, Cafes, Restaurants, Small Businesses as well as large shade structures for Industrial & Commercial sectors.
  • Garage Kits: Create a storage space for your vehicles, equipment, or tools with one of our durable metal and wood garage kits.