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Asbestos Removal

Australia has one of the highest levels of asbestos exposure, which can cause a very rare cancer known as mesothelioma. So far, there’s no known cure for it, and the prognosis is very poor.

Keep your homes and buildings healthy and asbestos free with KBE’s professional asbestos removal contractors. We are fully licensed with an Unrestricted Asbestos licence and Demolition licence. Our Perth asbestos removal specialists are trained to properly deal with all asbestos materials such as roof sheets, especially with the transport and disposal of asbestos.

Commercial Roofing

We don’t just install a great new roof. We can also improve your insulation and ventilation, making sure you can reduce your overhead costs and increase your business profits. Whatever your design is we can do it for you. Our Perth commercial roofing services specialise in the installation of steel (tin), but can also install clear sheeting and simliar products. We also restore, as well as replace and repair rooves according to your specifications.

Our elite team of Perth roofing contractors also take care of public protection, electrical safety, and fall arrest systems with a management plan that suits the site and present roofing issue.

Building Cladding (Walling)

Cladding requires a certain level of expertise, and KBE Contractors possess the right set of knowledge, skill, and experience for all cladding jobs. Our team of cladding specialists expertly work with steel sheeting; Colorbond and Zincalume and clear sheeting too such as Ampelite. We also offer Hardiflex cement sheeting cladding or ceilings.

We perform wall and roof cladding repairs and replacements. Moreover, when we’re replacing your old cladding, we can do sections at a time providing your property and assets protection from environmental elements.


Whether you need the space for a new building or home, we can take care of your Perth demolition needs. KBE Contracting have strong business alliances to organise your job for you.