What Is Involved in a Commercial Demolition?

Posted: 7th April 2014

One of the constant things in this world is change. The tall buildings that may have stood majestically for so many years may no longer be needed or already lack high value. Worse, they may already be considered hazardous to public health and safety. For example, the walls may be already showing some cracks or the ceilings could fall down anytime.

Why demolish when you can just restore?

A lot of people often ask: is demolition really necessary? How about restoring or repairing certain parts first? There are actually a lot of factors that can affect your decision whether to demolish or restore a building. One of these is cost. Taking all things in consideration, perhaps a commercial demolition is a lot cheaper than restoration.

How do you do it?

Perhaps you think commercial demolition is very similar to what contractors do on TV. If they want to put up a new hotel, all they have to do is to implode the building! In a matter of seconds, the once-tall skyscraper crashes to the ground.

Implosion, however, is not the ‘be all and end all’ with commercial demolition. There are a lot of services require before and after demolition that should be taken into consideration.

Rubbish Removal. Do you know not all contractors remove rubbish from the scene? You may have to look for someone who can properly take care of that. Nevertheless, you can never skip rubbish removal, since there’s a good chance a lot of the materials can still prove dangerous to anyone.

Asbestos Removal. One of the wastes that should be removed from the building as soon as possible, and even before the demolition, is asbestos. Asbestos is a fibrous material used commonly in building constructions. However, it’s also extremely dangerous, especially when inhaled. It can cause huge damage into your respiratory system, which may then lead to serious disorders like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Commercial Roofing and Cladding. It’s possible you like to build a new building right after the demolition. You can actually hire the same contractor to take care of commercial roofing and cladding which is likely to save you money.

With so many requirements and with the high demand of the right skills, commercial demolition is regulated. A contractor therefore should be properly licensed. KBE Contracting is licensed and can arrange your job for you. Ask for a free quote now..