What Is Building Cladding?

Posted: 14th May 2014

Many Perth roofing contractors offer wall cladding as an additional service. In many cases it is just part of the job.

Cladding is just the name for the material used to go on the outside of your walls or roof. For example, imagine a book and its cover. The book is the building, while the cover is its cladding.

There are a couple of reasons why you may want cladding for you building:

It adds more value to your property. If you want to upgrade the look of your building without spending too much, you can consider building cladding. The material used can be an excellent complement to the structure. You also have a variety of choices, and there are plenty many architectural feats, that can make cladding look mightily impressive.

It controls the harmful effects of environmental elements to your property. Buildings are subject to several weather conditions, from excessive sunlight exposure to too much rain and cyclones. The right cladding greatly controls the effects of these elements to your structure. Your building then enjoys a much longer and well-maintained life.

It insulates your building. Building cladding is also a much better and safer alternative to using other materials. With added benefit of laying insulation in at the same time to protect your building. With proper insulation, you consume energy more efficiently. That is certainly good news for business, since it means less overhead costs.

Kinds of Materials Used

There are many types of cladding materials for buildings. One of these is vinyl, which is actually made from PVC panels. It is preferred by some because it’s cheap and very flexible. You can fashion it to your preference extremely fast. The major downside is it is said to possibly release toxic fumes and can cause respiratory issues.

Another common material used for cladding is metal. It may be sold either as corrugated steel or aluminium. A lot of buildings like metal because of it promotes a more sleek or modern appearance. Further, it is easy to maintain and is durable enough to really weather Australian environmental elements.

Bricks look great when used as a building cladding. It is also extremely durable and requires minimal upkeep. Nevertheless, it’s takes a lot longer to install and can be costly.

KBE Contractors specialises with tin or metal cladding. We believe this is the best material to use for cladding simply because of its versatility, durability, and straightforward design. Besides cladding, we can take care of commercial roofing, from installation to repair and demolition. We also have a license for proper asbestos removal. You can call us for a free quote and consultation.