Wall Cladding Materials

Posted: 22nd October 2014

Wall cladding is a term that means to use various materials to cover the outside of a house or commercial building. It is also used as a means to weather proof the outside of a building which protects the building from the full effects of various weather patterns. In the city of Perth, there are several cladding options that are available. From limestone blocks to granite to even natural stone and red earth blocks, there is a cladding option available to suit every taste and pocket in Perth.

The cladding of a wall both internally and externally can be for purely cosmetic reasons or for more practical ones.  Wall cladding (also known as siding) also serves the purpose of allowing water to run off the sides of the house. Siding can be comprised of both traditional (solid board, shingle, ginger bread, brick and stone etc.) to their more contemporary (stainless steel, ecofriendly, aluminium, fibre cement etc.) counterparts. Certain siding materials are better suited to certain environmental conditions so it is always best to discuss your choices with your contractor.

If you want a more classic look and feel to the exterior of your house then you might want to consider using wooden options. Keep in mind however that the more traditional the material, the more you are going to have to invest in terms of the maintenance. Traditional wall cladding materials give a more homey look and is what a lot of home owners are going for when considering ways in which to not only beautify their homes but also to increase their property value.

Now if you are looking for low maintenance siding options then you can consider plastic, fibre cement or even stainless steel. These options give you a sleek more modern look that overall requires very little maintenance and protects the outside of you home while increasing the value of the home. http://kbe.net.au/ is an ideal choice for wall cladding in Perth. They offer a wide selection of products and services as well as excellent customer care. Check out their cladding service at http://www.kbe.net.au/services/cladding, it is almost guaranteed that they will have the right selection for you and your wall cladding needs.