Roof Cladding Materials and Benefits

Posted: 5th April 2015

Roof cladding is installed to have an additional layer to the roof for additional protection and shield to the structure’s interior from climate and weather. Even if walls have wall cladding, roof cladding will essentially give extra protection against temperature, winds, snow, and sun from damaging the interior.  Aside from protection, roof cladding can also be installed for decorative purposes, and improve the overall external look of the house.

Considerations when choosing the material for roof cladding should include its ability to preclude entry of moisture, resistance to strong winds and harsh climactic change, it should give adequate insulation from heat and cold, it should be highly resistant to the sun damage and effect of the sun’s ultra violet rays, and most importantly, eco-friendly and will not cause health issues. The most common materials used for roof cladding are: wood shingles, metal panels and rubber.  Other more innovative builders are now using fibreglass, plastic, bamboo, ceramic tiles, asphalt, terra cotta, clay, and concrete.

Metal sheeting is fast becoming a favourite roof cladding option. This type of roofing is typically made of sheets of large corrugated iron, overlapped at their edges to produce an almost weather-tight covering. Metal roofing is preferred for its light weight, low-maintenance requirements and durability as it can last for over 50 years. Though it is very straightforward in appearance, its other outstanding qualities have made it a popular choice for industrial construction more than residential building.

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