Principles of Fire Protection

Posted: 20th September 2014

In recent years, technology has allowed us to better protect ourselves from dangerous things, fire being one of the most prevalent. Everything we use and every place we go has some sort of fire protection system that is in place to keep everyone safe. There are many different systems that use just as many materials in order to put out fires as quickly and safely as possible with the least amount of risk.

One of the more recent innovations in fire suppression technology is the Fogmaker Water Mist system. It uses an aqueous film forming foam, or AFFF, that is water based, and spreads over the liquid in order to smother fires. It is typically used for things like a fire started with petroleum based fuels due to the ability of the substance to blanket large areas quickly.

AFFF is considered to be a Class B low-expansion foam that features low viscosity and mobility not found in other systems. It is rated as being a class B foam because of the fact it is used for putting out flammable liquids. The type of foam used for wildfires is a class A foam, which cannot be used on liquid fires due to the possible explosive vapours that may be present. 

All fire protection and suppression systems work on the basis of targeting the three big things that a fire needs or produces. It is common knowledge that a fire must have oxygen. The Fogmaker Water Mist system uses a high pressure micro-mist that rapidly evaporates to a steam to displace the oxygen away from the fire, thereby removing one of the things it needs to flare. AFFF substances blanket the fuel to snuff it out and help prevent the fire from reigniting.  The final thing that the Fogmaker system does is take care of the heat problem that comes with every fire. The high pressure mist will help to rapidly cool the fire.

With its small size and innovative technology, Fogmaker Water Mist system is one of the safest forms of protection from fire. KBE Fire Protection, Commercial Roofing Contractors and use the Fogmaker system whenever they install fire protection for a client in Perth, Australia, call us today to see how we can help make your machinery more fire safe.