Perth Asbestos Removal & Roofing Contractors

Posted: 18th January 2014

There are so many possible consequences that can happen by choosing the wrong contractor:

  • Accidents and injuries,
  • Poorly installed roofs,
  • More installation and repair costs,
  • Dealing with unprofessional and illegitimate contractors,
  • Death.

KBE Contracting doesn’t take roofing and other building-related tasks lightly. In fact, we made it our lifelong commitment to

  • Provide you with a highly durable roof and cladding that can sustain harsh elements,
  • Give you a complete structure your business or family will feel safe to be in,
  • Install a commercial roof or cladding that go very well with the building's overall exterior appeal,
  • Repair or demolish problematic buildings and building parts without costing you for a whole new building,
  • Work with only the best—and registered—experts in Perth and the rest of Western Australia.

With over 25 years’ experience, we have also built positive and solid reputation on the following services:

Perth Asbestos Removal

Australia actually has a very high level of asbestos exposure incidence, which can make you and your loved ones prone to mesothelioma, a very rare form of cancer. KBE Contracting is currently one of the very few worksafe licensed asbestos removal firms in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. Our team can remove any asbestos, but are licensed to remove 10m2 or more of any form of asbestos, such as roof sheets, as well as reinstall cladding and roof according to your specifications.

Perth Commercial Roofing

Besides installing, repairing, and modifying your roof according to your needs and specifications, our expert team can also set up, if not recommend, insulation, allowing you to maintain an ideal internal environment for your building and spend less in overhead costs.

Perth Cladding

Do you want to get rid of your present cladding? Do you think you deserve something better? KBE Contracting is here to take care of all your cladding needs. We specialise in a variety of cladding materials, but primarily steel. We can also install the new roof or wall as we go, this way, your property or your family remain secure from being exposed to the elements.

Perth Demolition

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new office or selling the plot to somebody else. We can get rid of any standing home or building in no time. Our demolition specialists can perform in a demolition in a jiffy.

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