Perth Asbestos Removal Company

Posted: 19th October 2014

Everyone knows how bad asbestos is as it can cause serious health problems such as mesothelioma which can lead to death. If you have asbestos in your home you should call an asbestos removal service to have it removed right away.  One thing few people know is what exactly asbestos is or why it was used for houses and buildings in the first place. There are answers to these questions, they just are not revealed as often as the dangers.

Speaking of asbestos removal, there are six types of asbestos, which are naturally occurring minerals with silicon in them, which have been used throughout history due to the various attributes it has. Asbestos has the qualities of sound absorption, strength, non-conductive, and chemical, fire, and heat resistant. It is because of these qualities that they have been used so often for electrical and building insulation. All six types of asbestos have proven to cause cancer.

Although there are six types of asbestos, they are put into two categories: serpentine and amphibole. Only one of the six is serpentine, which is Chrysolite or the white asbestos. It has curly fibres, more flexibility, and is typical used for roof sheeting. It is the most common type used in many parts of the world, accounting for as much as 95% of all the asbestos used there. Most other countries have banned asbestos completely. The other five kinds are amphibole asbestos and have a more needle-like shape to them.
Of these five, only two have specific colours, which are brown and blue. These two also happen to be the most hazardous types. The amphibole asbestos types are commonly used in construction and insulation as well as ceiling tiles due to their fire retardant capabilities. The blue kind is for insulation and breaks into small pieces easily.

KBE Asbestos Removal in Perth, Australia can offer residents peace of mind with first class asbestos removal services that allow them to work with all six types of asbestos for removal, transport, and disposal. If you happen to have asbestos in your roofing or siding, they can take care of that while they are there as they have licensing to work on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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