KBE: Perth Home Demolition Specialists

Posted: 11th May 2014

Who says demolition is easy? It isn’t as simple as imploding every nook and cranny of a home or a building. In fact, in Australia, it requires a special set of expertise, experience, training, and knowledge.

Who should take care of home demolition? It’s the best contractor, of course. If you’re currently in Perth or in any part of Western Australia, work with us, KBE Contractors.

Our KBE contractors are some of the best Perth home demolition specialists for the following reasons:

We are properly licensed. As mentioned, demolition isn’t going to be a walk in the park. It’s as intricate as constructing a home or a building. That’s why demolition contractors should apply and hold the right type of license. KBE Contractors is a fully licensed company, having license for demolition, WAD 69.

We offer more than just demolition. Some contractors perform demolitions haphazardly. There are also others who take care of only certain portions of the demolition. KBE contractors, on the other hand, are there every step of the way, and we offer more than just removing your home or building from where it stands.

We also offer asbestos removal, which is quite necessary since the material is a hazardous waste. Our firm is licensed to do so. We are also equipped with the right safety equipment and follow the rigid standards in removing and transporting asbestos from your place to a designated asbestos waste site.

KBE contractors may also provide you with a cladding service to aid in your re-build. If you want to boost the overall physical design of your house or building, as well as have excellent insulation and energy efficiency, cladding is one of the best solutions out there. KBE uses metal (steel or tin) which is known for its versatility, toughness, and affordability over stone veneers or bricks. Then there’s commercial roofing, which covers replacement, repair, restoration, and installation of a variety of roofs into your property.

Our company has more than 25 years’ experience in these fields, making us local experts. We’ve also worked with countless types of projects, from industrial, to complexes, to apartments and houses.

Should you need a Perth demolition company, feel free to contact KBE Contracting for a free quote. You can also have someone drop by your properly to estimate the total cost of the project.