Is wall cladding cheaper than brick?

Posted: 4th May 2015

When it comes to your home, it is vital that you do not spare any expense while it is in its construction stages. When you decide to go all out, you should not get carried away and mistake quality materials for very expensive ones. Property markets have sky rocketed and this means that the cost of materials too has gone up. When it comes to laying cladding for your house, you should ask yourself whether or not cladding is cheaper than laying bricks. If you can discern what it takes to lay a section of bricks, you can plan how much to spend and factor it into your overall budget.

When you compare the two, you should first examine the cost in terms of durability. Wall cladding is made of recyclable material. This means it can range from PVC to UPVC. This means that it is made of very affordable materials and will cost less. Brick in the meanwhile is relatively expensive to where you are buying. You should note that before you can get the final brick, it must go through several treatments. In addition, it is rarely used nowadays, which might make it quite expensive to use.

You should also consider whether or not the material allows you to have freedom from noise. Brick is very ideal when you are into blocking outside noise or distraction. When you use wall cladding, sound control is a very big problem. You will have to invest additional funds when you are installing wall cladding in Perth. This means that you will have to invest in additional equipment in order to modify the acoustics of the room.

Considering that wall cladding is very decorative and can enhance the property value, you have to consider it as investment. Plain bricks are very unappealing and do little or nothing in enhancing the property. Hence, in the long run wall cladding is sound option when compared against brick.

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