Importance of Fire Protection

Posted: 14th March 2014

Fire has been a common disaster that has caused many lives and destroyed a lot of equipment each year. What makes it worse is that we sometimes don’t do whatever it takes to prevent such fires from happening.

To avoid putting yourself and other people into such area of risk, you should follow proper fire protection regulations, put up effective fire protection components in your Perth and Western Australian machine or equipment, and lay out proper fire escape plans.

Basic fire protection starts with following safety rules. You need to identify which actions may lead to fire hazards. Thus, you should know how fire is generated and what elements can trigger its occurrence. A full risk analysis and study of your machinery is highly beneficial. You should also regularly check all machinery and equipment for any faulty wiring and combustible fluid leaks – this includes hydraulics under pressure. If you identify any issues, you should immediately fix it or report it to get repaired.

Aside from the fire safety rules and regulations, you should also install various fire protection components that will alert and eliminate at first signs of fire. Fire notification appliances include audible and visible components that will alert you and the rest of the occupants of a fire emergency. Most of the notification appliances today create sound at 45 to 120 decibels. You should also install proper fire equipment such as Fogmaker.

Portable fire extinguishers must be placed in easily accessible locations. A water mist system, on the other hand, must be set up in areas where fire is usually expected to start such as the engine bay or hydraulic bay. It is important that everyone is well versed on how these things work. From time to time, you would also have to check upon whether these fire protection components still work. You may have to contact your service provider to arrange maintenance, service or an upgrade.
Lastly, it is imperative that you discuss how to carry out an escape plan just in case a fire occurs. You may have to undergo fire drills and other training together with other personnel where you work. Also, be aware of the emergency contacts and numbers to call.

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