Importance Of Fire Extinguishers

Posted: 9th October 2014

It is hard not to notice that every store, office building warehouse, machine shop, and other business has some sort of suppression systems, most commonly in the form of fire extinguishers. Even school children are taught about how important they are and what to do if one is needed, even though they recommend finding an adult to do it first if possible. Knowledge about how to properly handle fire can save lives.

The fire extinguishers as we know it today is based on the model created by a British Captain back in 1818 and was made of a three gallon copper cylinder which was full of potassium carbonate and compressed air. There had been other prior to this, but this is the model that modern ones are based on. Since that time, there have been more kinds created with different materials to put out fires.
There are different ways to put out a fire depending on the location and type of fire. Water is one of the most common materials used. Over the years the number of suppression materials has expanded to foams, powders, wetting agents, and even carbon dioxide. There are special ones that will actually poison a fire by combining with the hydrogen that keeps the flames burning, putting it out despite fuel and oxygen.

Foams are treated as the best fire extinguishers in practice now, and they have become increasingly common in the last few decades due to their versatility and expansion. It is easier to spray a substance and have it expand than trying to blanket the whole fire with buckets of water or powders that do not always fully cover the fire. Foams can cut the fire off from oxygen and fuel while also having agents that will help cool the heat of the fire and make it safer. This system uses water and synthetic foam in order to put out fires quickly and safely with minimal damage to people and machinery and works better than old fire extinguishers.

KBE Asbestos Removal & Roofing Contractors use the Fogmaker Water Mist system for machinery and enclosed spaces in order to snuff out fires in Perth, Australia.  They work to make the risk of fire a little safer to deal with so if you are in need of a fire extinguisher give KBE a call on (08) 9358 1170.