Importance of Asbestos Surveys

Posted: 13th April 2014

Asbestos has been a common fireproofing, insulation and building material in Perth and Australia since the mid-1970s and 1980s. However, as the dangers of asbestos exposure have become clearer throughout the past years, the government and other regulatory organisations have propagated measures on how to raise awareness and strict guidelines on how to handle situations that involve contact with asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos exposure can result in harmful effects to the body, typically to the respiratory system. Life-threatening diseases due to asbestos include asbestosis, mesothelioma cancer, and lung cancer. It is therefore very important that companies conduct asbestos surveys to the stipulations set out by the public health authorities. The same goes for individual households.  Performing asbestos surveys to your Perth property will help protect everyone when made aware of the dangerous remnants that these surveys discover.

Before you can officially opt for asbestos removal, you can do a survey first. The first stage of the asbestos survey includes a materials assessment. This aims to find out whether there is any asbestos in the premises, and if there are, you also approximate how much asbestos there is in a particular location. It is also in this phase that you find out how accessible these asbestos is for removal.

With time though, an experienced asbestos removal surveyor, can readily identify asbestos with just a visual examination. To be sure in cases of doubt, you can opt for a laboratory analysis.

The surveyor also evaluates the level of risk the asbestos detected in the surroundings and equipment can put people in. That includes assessing the condition of the materials, whether they are still intact or starting to wear out.

Only asbestos that is disturbed and no longer intact poses a health threat. Asbestos is friable, which means that it tends to break up into microscopic particles that can remain suspended in the air. These particles can then be easily inhaled. Such residue can remain in the lungs for a very long time despite the body’s secretion of acids to get rid of them. It will further lead to multiple health complications such as severe scarring of the lung tissues. If you fail to perform asbestos surveys, you will not be able to know whether asbestos is presently causing damage to your health. Then it would already be too late for you to create an asbestos remediation plan.

Overall, asbestos surveys are essential for companies and other households to know which asbestos management steps are needed. When hazardous asbestos is uncovered, measures should be made to safely repair or remove them to prevent further contamination and ensure the premises are still safe to occupy.

Never place you and your loved ones life in danger. Make your home or office completely secure and safe by relying on professional asbestos removal. Call use at KBE Contractors for a free Perth Asbestos Survey quote. We can also have our elite team personally check your Perth or Western Australian property.