How to detect asbestos in your home

Posted: 16th April 2015

Asbestos is one of those substances that spell doom for your home and your health. Basically, it is a very lightweight crystalline substance that has static properties when it comes into contact with metals. The fact that it is very light makes it stay suspended in the air longer making it very detrimental to your health. Asbestos poisoning is among one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the workplace. It is also associated with a lot of respiratory problems like asthma. If you contemplate it deeply, you will notice that when it comes down to health issues, you should get rid of it. However, how does one get rid of something they do not know whether or not they have it in their homes? It is like fighting an amorphous enemy, which is like shooting fish in a barrel.

You will know that there is a lot of asbestos in your home when you notice a few things. Think of the following as symptoms that come with asbestos poisoning. They are itchy eyes, very severe cases of respiratory problems like asthma and a salt taste in your mouth when you enter a room. When you hear of asbestos poisoning, you should ensure that you could arrest it in time before it becomes worse. The main issue with asbestos is that once it is deployed in the air, it can stay there for days.

One way of detecting asbestos in your home is actually look into places that you would otherwise ignore. For instance, you should always look out for broken tiles. Cracks and crevices house the highest amount of dust, which can go undetected. This means that asbestos also will go undetected when in those cracks. Places like corners also have a huge concentration of asbestos deposits. You should always have attics inspected time to time by a company that specializes in asbestos removal in Perth in order to ascertain whether or not they have asbestos deposits.

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