How to Choose the Right Cladding for the Job

Posted: 19th June 2014

Any structure is prone to wear and tear over time. This can be due to the changing weather conditions that the structure has to suffer from. Walls and roofs suffer the most which is why they should be constructed with strong and durable materials. Proper maintenance is also needed to ensure that the wall and roof are always in good condition. What you will need to look at are the different types of roof and wall cladding. Choosing the right one will result to reduction of high temperature within the structure which leads to a more durable and stronger structure.

Wear and tear is just unavoidable and you should prepare to find ways to replenish the strength of your roof and walls. For your roof, you may want to install some corrugated roofing sheets. The roofing sheets are made of plastic or metal and will depend on what fits your structure the most. Another type of roof cladding is PVC sheets. These sheets are thicker than metal sheets. PVC sheets may be more durable and retain heat better. Choosing which type of roof cladding to use will also depend on the height of the structure and the weather conditions in the area.

When it comes to wall cladding, the external walls are highly prone to weather damage. It is a must that you protect your external walls because this is your first line of defence from the outside elements. Wall cladding is like putting armour on your walls to prevent it from deterioration. With a healthier wall, the whole structure becomes stronger too. Just like roof cladding, wall claddings are made with different materials and styles that suits different types of structures.

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