How to Choose a Perth Roofing Contractor

Posted: 11th April 2014

If you are planning to make major repairs and improvements to your roof or putting up a new one, then you should carefully select the right roofing contractor to do the job. Take time to screen potential roofing contractors and do not impulsively deal with one. You can ask for friends’ referrals for credible companies or have a thorough Google search that will lead you to various roofing directory sites to choose from. You can also contact the local Chamber of Commerce, Worksafe, local licensing authorities, local trade associations, and local suppliers of building products.

The following are some key tips in evaluating your choices and then ultimately selecting a good Perth roofing contractor:

You can conduct your assessment during a setup meeting that discusses your needs and whether they can be achieved with the contractor’s qualifications. It is during this meeting that you can initially develop an impression and level of confidence on what kind and quality of work the particular roofing contractor can deliver.  

To ensure that the Perth roofing contractor is reliable, ask for specific business information such as the official business address, phone number, e-mail address, ABN, and business license. You should ask questions and follow them up so as to verify if they are indeed giving the accurate business statistics.

Focus on the roofing contractor’s license, membership in various trade associations, and continuing education trainings. You can ask the contractor to provide supporting documents such as certifications that will back up this kind of information. This will help you find out the extent of commitment the contractor has in enhancing his knowledge and skills in the industry.

You should also check out the various work experiences the roofing contractor has engaged in. In connection with that, you can look into the company’s professional references to evaluate how satisfied previous clients were. If they are highly satisfied, then you can say there is a great chance that the roofing contractor can successfully complete the work according to how you really want it to be.

You can ask for the roofing contractor’s proof of insurance. See copies of the company’s general liability coverage and worker’s compensation certificates. Verify whether the insurance indeed takes effects throughout the whole roofing or cladding job. This is a very critical aspect in the screening process. Failing to do so may put you liable if any accidents occur.

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