House Demolition Preparation Guide

Posted: 5th October 2014

Demolition and deconstruction are actually two different things. House demolition involves destroying a house and hauling the rubble away. Deconstruction is a slower process that takes out any valuable materials that can be reused or recycled. There are certain things one must do before simply knocking down a house in the safest way.

As with any form of work, a permit for house demolition must first be obtained. A licenced (Demolition) company can typically do this for you or may tell you how to do it. This permit lets the city know that major work is going on at that location and helps ensure the safety or workers and passer-by. This is why most construction or demolition zones are blocked off to the public, for their own safety.
The next thing to do is call the utility companies and make sure that everything has actually been shut off and disconnected. It can be very dangerous if one of these is left unchecked and can cost serious time and money.

One more check must be done on the house before it can be torn down, which is a search for any hazardous materials. Asbestos is one such material. There are others that can also be dangerous and need to be found before the house demolition begins rather than after. Any building plans should also be submitted at this time.

KBE Asbestos Removal & Roofing Contractors have the proper licensing; WA 118 (Asbestos Removal), WAD 69 (Demolition) and training to perform house demolition, as well as being able to handle asbestos if it is present. They have demolished many structures in Perth, Australia and do so with the strictest safety procedures to ensure that no one is hurt or that serious accidents do not occur.  They are one of the top companies for handling projects of any size, whether it is a simple house or a tall building.

To get in touch with a Perth house demolition specialist, call KBE today on (08) 9358 1170.