Fire Prevention And Protection

Posted: 30th September 2014

Even if a fire cannot be stopped, its very important to have fire prevention and protection in place. Besides keeping people safer, it will also help your business stay safe, especially ones that use dangerous machinery. The loss of this machinery could effectively ruin a business, which is why many have started installing fire suppression systems directly into the machine. Different types of fires require different forms of suppression to put them out.

Bushfires can cause massive destruction, as can easily be seen by turning on the news channel during most springs and summers. Bushfires are one of the most dangerous forms of fire, due to the fact it can easily cover a large tract of land in a very small amount of time if conditions are right. These bushfires are a major issue in Australia, and can sometimes be started by burning machinery.

Foams used to put out a bushfire are classified as Class A foams, which can also be used for structure fires. Class B foams are used for putting out fires caused by flammable liquids. These work by cutting the fire off from the oxygen and the fuel source as well as assisting with the rapid cooling of the fire. The heat from a fire can be just as dangerous as the fire itself. Class B foams may be synthetic or protein based, which can result in the foam being bio-degradable.

Water has been used for a long time for fire prevention and protection, but it will not always work to put out every fire. Oil fires, for instance, are hard to put out with water since the oil will float. This prevents the fire from being cut off from oxygen and fuels sources. This is why foams have become so important in being able to stop all fires, regardless of how they start.

In the case of Fogmaker, 100% water is a pssibility due to the high pressure misting technology. This mist evaporates to resemble steam, which pushes out the fire and smothers the oxygen to the fire.

KBE Fire Protection (part of KBE Asbestos Removal & Roofing Contractors) are Fire Protection specialists. They utilise the Fogmaker Water Mist System, which can be installed into machinery or enclosed spaces with any orientation and still activate even if electricity is taken out by hungry flames. This system uses AFFF (foam) which cuts the fire off from fuel and oxygen and is more effective than the average fire extinguisher since it automatically activates on detection of fire.

To arrange fire protection for your business, contact KBE Fire Protection today.