External Wall Cladding Options

Posted: 2nd April 2015

You look at the façade of your home or building and decide it is definitely time for a makeover.  This is where external wall cladding can conveniently come in.  Wall cladding is recommended for two major reasons:  improving the look of the property, which correspondingly increases its value, and for protection against environmental elements.  Materials often used for external wall cladding options are steel, plastic, cement, and stone.  Materials can also be artistically combined for a more dramatic effect.
Some of the more popular external wall cladding options is:

  • Stucco – made of sand, cement and water.  This is applied directly to the wall, which gives the wall a textured effect when it dries.
  • Tiles – comes in thousands of designs and sizes and can surely give your walls personality and character
  • Wood – wood cladding can come in solid lumber or wood cement particleboards.  There are types of wood ideal for extremely harsh weather condition such as oak, redwood and western red cedar.  Softwood varieties such as pine and spruce can be used for normal weather conditions
  • Stone – External stonewall cladding is a good choice for areas regularly under harsh weather conditions.  It is more expensive than other types of external wall cladding materials but it is low-maintenance and very durable.  Some types of stones popularly used are marble, slate slabs and panels, granite, and limestone.
  • Seamless Steel-  Builders use seamless steel for external wall cladding.  The material is extremely weather resistant and can stand almost all the environmental elements such as snow, rain, sand, salt, hail and fire.  Seamless steel comes in a variety of looks and texture from the cosy look of wood-texture to and industrial look of corrugated steel.  The material is also low maintenance and very tough, only vulnerable to oxidation and corrosion, which can be easily prevented if, properly maintained.

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