Exterior Cladding Options

Posted: 22nd February 2014

One of the great things about exterior cladding is you don’t only improve insulation and weather protection, but you can also upgrade the overall look of your home or building. In line with that, there are different types of cladding you can choose from.

PVC Cladding

PVC cladding is also known as vinyl cladding, although more than 75 per cent of the material is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin. It’s a popular choice not only in Australia but also in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

This type of exterior cladding carries a couple of benefits. First, PVC cladding can be more affordable. It is also available in a wide variety of colours, and you can easily paint it if you prefer a different kind of shade. Moreover, it’s is relatively easy to install.

The problem is there are a couple of negative environmental impacts. A lot of PVC manufacturing emits toxic fumes, which can prove harmful to humans, especially to the respiratory system. Vinyl siding is also prone to fire.

Timber Cladding

Who doesn’t get enamoured with wood? Timber always has the ability to bring in some charm to a home or building, especially if used as a cladding. You can also attach in different ways: vertical, horizontal, or jointed. Contrary to popular belief, timber is a durable material if properly cared for, and it can last just as long as PVCs or metal cladding. It can also weather the different environmental elements. However, wood is expensive and definitely easily flammable.

Metal Cladding

Perhaps the only thing you wouldn’t like about metal is it may not appear to be as beautiful as PVCs or timber. However, once you get to know more about it, you’ll realise it’s able to be installed beautifully and can compensate its physical appearance to other benefits. For one, there are many great choices for metal. You can have aluminium and steel. Both are extremely strong and fight off weather conditions. In fact, aluminium is used in the coastal regions since it doesn’t corrode despite being exposed to saltwater. Moreover, if you want to upgrade the look of your steel or make it more long-lasting you can simply apply galvanised steel. Both can resist fire and don’t require extensive maintenance. They aren’t cheap, but they are not as expensive as wood or stone veneers.

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