Cost of asbestos removal

Posted: 26th March 2015

In the world of construction from time to time, you will find that deposits of asbestos will be found on the site of building projects and when this happens swift and immediate action must be taken. Asbestos can be defined as a set of six natural silicate fibres that have been used for their various properties. It used to be that you would find asbestos being used in most construction projects, but now that has changed and this is largely due to the fact that inhalation over a long period of time of the asbestos fibres can cause massive illnesses (mesothelioma, and malignant lung cancer just to name a few).

The first thing that needs to be done before some sort of containment is set up is to estimate the cost of asbestos removal. Do it soon; you do not want to have the asbestos fibres spreading and putting other people’s health at risk (it is also advisable to call in the professionals at this stage as they might be better suited to handle the problem).

The next part of the asbestos removal process is to put on a respirator and protective suit (this is to ensure that none of the fibres stick to your skin as well as get into your lungs). At some point, all employees have been properly suited up in their respirators and protective suits, the work area would be secured. As fast as the asbestos infested areas are dealt with, waste that is generated needs to be bagged and contained as soon as possible. There are special methods that will be used by the hired Perth asbestos removal company to remove the waste from the site.

The cost of asbestos removal process should be monitored as it progresses and the area where the asbestos infested materials was being held, cleaned too. At the end of the job, the protective clothing should be removed and thrown away. At the end of the process, ALL asbestos containing materials should be properly disposed of and the job site given one final clean.

The cost of asbestos removal is a bit on the expensive side because of the specialised training involved. One of the best companies that deal with this type of removal is KBE Asbestos Removal & Roofing Contractors. Check them out at and see what can be done to help your situation.