Choosing the Right Perth Roofing Contractor for Your Home

Posted: 9th February 2014

Do you know that you can actually end up spending more time and money by not choosing the right Perth roofing contractor? We don’t want you to go down that path. To make sure you end up working with only the best roofing contractor, take note of these tips:

Find a Perth roofing contractor that offers very comprehensive services.

Roofing isn’t one-dimensional. It involves a lot of processes and services. Some companies, however, are choosy or very limited. They can’t just handle everything, so they end up leaving the project before it is completed.

It does save you a lot of money if you can find a company that does everything. In fact, it’s willing to extend its job description so you’ll be fully satisfied as a client. For example, if your old roof is made up of asbestos, the firm can immediately take care of that for you. There’s no need to hire another contractor.

Some contractors can also include insulation or cladding. This is one of the best ways to insulate your home, making sure you’re fully protected from harmful environmental elements and energy is efficiently used.

Go for Perth roofing contractors that are fully licensed.

It’s not enough the company has several years’ experience in the business. First and foremost, ensure your contractor is properly licensed. The kind of license the contractor needs to have depends on the services. At KBE Contracting, we have an Unrestricted Asbestos Licence (WA 118), which makes us legitimate professionals for asbestos removal and also a Class 3 Demolition Licence (WAD 69), which allows for demolition works.
We are not afraid to broadcast our licenses. We can also provide you with the documentations you need just in case you request for them.

Make sure there’s a Public Liability insurance policy.

One of the things often overlooked by clients is the insurance policy. It’s extremely important the company has liability insurance. Even the best personnel can commit mistakes. If unnecessary damage has been done on your roof, you can file for a claim or compensation because of the liability insurance.

Request for free quote.

There’s a good chance your roofing needs are different from all the others. That’s why there’s no fixed rate for the service. Nevertheless, you can request for a quote for free. A roofing specialist may also drop by your job location to survey and create a more realistic estimate for you.

For all your roofing needs, you can confidently contact KBE’s Perth roofing contractors. We have highly experienced, well-trained, and educated roofing specialists on hand waiting for your call. We can take care of restoration, replacement, repair, and installation, as well as roof and wall cladding. For more information, visit our main homepage.