Benefits of Steel Wall Cladding over Bricks

Posted: 4th March 2014

If you have worked with a roof contractor, there is a strong possibility he has suggested also wall cladding for your home. Knowing how technical sounding it is, you may end up being confused as to what it means or how it is going to be helpful for you.

Today we are going to make its meaning clear. What’s more, we are going to find out why steel wall cladding is a much better option than using bricks.

What is cladding?

Basically, cladding is the process of putting one material over the other. For example, the structure may be made of wood; then you place on top of it jointed wooden materials. There are a few of reasons why our steel cladding is good.

  1. First, it adds more value into your property. If you want to enhance the overall physical design of your property without spending a lot of money, you can opt for steel wall cladding.
  2. Second, it improves the life span of your home or building. Though cladding does not, in any way, make your property fully resistant to weather conditions such as too much rain and sunlight, it controls them.
  3. Third, cladding is known to enhance energy efficiency and insulation. In the process, you are able to save some costs on utilities.

Bricks versus Other Cladding Materials

One of the best things about cladding—and a primary reason why it improves your property’s aesthetic design—is you have a lot of options. But how do they stand against bricks?

Bricks are highly valuable for plenty of reasons. First they last for a very long time. They also do not require a lot of maintenance, and bricks can be really beautiful. However, they may fail in the following areas:

Price: Compared to other materials such as steel, bricks can be extremely expensive. Moreover, even a simple bit of maintenance could mean a fortune for you.

Heaviness: Bricks are heavy, so they require additional support. If the foundation is not strong enough, then the walls could come crumbling down before you know it!

Strength: Other cladding materials like metal are just as strong without the additional cost. If you are worried about the wear and tear, corrugated steel, for example, can be applied with galvanized coating. Aluminum metal siding, meanwhile, doesn’t corrode.

Environment friendly: Both can be environment friendly—they don’t emit toxic fumes—but again, metal siding is cheaper than brick.

Should you go for bricks or Steel Wall cladding? With our wide range of experience, KBE Contracting is proud to offer you specialists and consultants to help you choose. We specialise in cladding, especially metal cladding, because we stand by its ease, affordability, and durability. To begin consultation, though, you can contact us for free quote.