Benefits of Metal Roofing over Tiles

Posted: 15th February 2014

A roof is an essential part of your Perth home. It can also add value to your property, whether in terms of functionality or aesthetics. That’s why you have to properly choose what type of roof you should use.

So far, there are two popular roof material options available: metal and tiles. Let’s compare them in several aspects:

Durability: Both are pretty much equally as durable, so in this area alone, you may already have your money’s worth. If you want a material that’s flexible, you go for a metal roof. It is also fire resistant. On the other hand, roof tiles can weather very harsh environmental elements, but metal roofing is rated best for areas of high winds or cyclones.

Security: If you’re scared about robbers entering your property through the roof, it’s best to choose a metal roof. Tiles are very easy to remove whereas a metal roof will require tools like drills and angle grinders to be opened. However, by doing so, they run the risk of creating a lot of noise, which can awaken homeowners and neighbours.

Setup: You’ll find a tiled roof to be more involved to install. Metal roofs, on the other hand, tend to be quicker and easier, even if complex when it comes to the design.

Versatility: Most definitely, metal roofs are more flexible. They can be malleable, shaped according to the design of your home. Though tiles can be pretty, you can easily complement the roof to the overall theme of your house with the many various metal forms.

Cost: You can end up spending more money with either metal roof or a tiled one. Fortunately, you already have a lot of choices, and there are many sellers and contractors out there. It’s more convenient to seek out those that offer tiles or metal roofs at a more affordable price.

: Another reason why either of the two is good for your home is their level of energy efficiency. Tiled roofs can promote better airflow. Meanwhile, metal a roof with the proper insulation does not trap heat, so there’s less need for air-conditioning units.

Maintenance: Metal roofs are actually much easier to maintain or upgrade than tiled roofs. If the mortar used in the latter isn’t good, it can be washed away over time.

Regardless of what you pick, though, make sure you don’t forget about roof cladding as premium insulation process. We at KBE Contracting specialise not only in Perth roof repairs, installation, and replacement but also roof and wall cladding. This way, you just don’t achieve harmony in appearance but also increase the value of your structure or home by making it last longer. Call us or send us an e-mail for free quote today.