Basic Fire Prevention Measures When Operating Machinery, Vehicles or Boats

Posted: 2nd May 2014

Fires are not just deadly for machinery or property. They can also be fatal to people at home or work or to you. The good news is there are many ways to reduce the chances of going through the fiery turmoil:

  1. Always be alert. Pay attention to what you’re doing at all times, especially when operating heavy machinery or around flammable materials.
  2. Invest in fire protection systems. Safety is one of the most important elements in the mining industry and fire protection is one of the most significant. You can invest in great technologies, such as Fogmaker, which is gathering a lot of attention Worldwide. Sometimes cost may be a deterrent, but not when it will protect something priceless: your life. Best of all, fire protection solutions such as the Fogmaker comes in various tank sizes and combinations which can be fitted to boats and various vehicles like Dozers, Trucks, Graders, and Underground Machines.
  3. Keep flammable materials away from hazardous situations. Where possible, eliminate the chance of causing a fire by ensuring any flammable material is stored correctly.  It’s not a good idea to store petroleum products in machinery or on a boat. If possible, don’t carry any, have it in a safe location elsewhere. Nevertheless, if it cannot be avoided, ensure it’s stored in a tightly locked special container.
  4. Properly maintain your machinery. A lot of fires are caused by faulty electrical wires. Be sure to always use approved cabling for machinery and boats. You also need to routinely check the fuel and hydraulic systems.
  5. Teach your staff about fire safety. Ensure your staff have appropriate safety training so that should there be a fire they will know how to react and enforce the fire protection measures.

Always keep yourself and your family safe from fire, particularly when you’re traversing on a boat. Purchase only the best Perth fire protection equipment such as the Fogmaker, water mist system. KBE Fire Protection will supply and install as per your requirements, throughout Perth and Western Australia.