Available Materials for Wall Cladding

Posted: 4th June 2014

Do you have any idea what wall cladding is? Wall cladding is used on the exteriors of buildings. It is used as a decorative or protective covering and is more of functional than structural. Wall cladding can serve the purpose of water-proofing or protecting walls from different outdoor elements. There are different materials used in wall cladding and the designs vary too. The most popular wall cladding materials include metal, stone, bricks, fibre cement and wood.

The most popular and versatile wall cladding material is metal particularly steel or tin. These metal claddings come in different colours, alloys and finishes. Metal claddings are usually formed into flat sheets and then shaped into profiles depending on client designs or strength. Aluminium is also used in wall cladding because it is durable and can have different colours and finishes.
Stone cladding, also known as masonry, is another popular type of wall cladding. It uses carved stone or brick for durability. It is not very helpful in water-proofing walls as it allows water to penetrate through. This may lead to wood surfaces rotting. Nonetheless, if durability is what you are after, stone cladding is great. Other materials used in wall cladding includes asphalt and fibre cement. Such materials are designed to look like wood, metal, stone and other luxurious exterior wall materials.

Again, wall claddings are not structural but there are cases when it can be. Instead of applying the cladding after the structure is constructed, the cladding can be installed during the construction. The cladding is designed to be a load-bearing part of the whole structure. However, structural cladding is hard to change. Removing such cladding may require the whole façade of the structure to change which means more work to do.

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