Asbestos removal in Perth

Posted: 29th March 2015

Perth is the largest city of Western Australia and its capital.  Presently, there are approximately 1.74 million people living in Perth making it the fourth most populated city in Australia. Sadly, Perth is also known as the asbestos capital of the world because 99% of all the houses constructed in this booming metropolis after World War II consisted mainly of materials made with asbestos.  Correspondingly, the same is true for all the establishments built for business and industry.

Why is there such a need for asbestos removal in Perth? Perth has had a long history of asbestos use, almost a century starting way back in the ‘80s when asbestos was first mined in Jones Creek, New South Wales, mining thousands of tons of Chrysotite asbestos.  Then in 1937, crocidolite or “blue asbestos” known to be the most lethal form of asbestos was discovered in Wittenoom, Western Australia.  Asbestos has thus been used extensively for construction materials for its durable, fire-resistant and thermal insulation qualities.  Asbestos has been a major component for fire-proofing, thermal insulation, roof, acoustic insulation and flooring and an array of other construction and building materials.

After years of research, it has been proven that asbestos fibres are very toxic so that anybody exposed to it for a long time could develop mesothelioma, a kind of cancer that affects the pleural tissue surrounding the lungs.  Even if homes are not made of any kind of asbestos materials, workers who stay long enough in industrial or commercial buildings with excessive asbestos materials can bring home with them asbestos fibres in their hair, clothing, and body and be inhaled by other household members.  Although Australia has completely banned the use of asbestos products, Australians continue to be exposed to the hazards of asbestos which remain to be present in majority of their homes, commercial and industrial establishments, hence the importance and existing need for asbestos removal in Perth.  The reality of the danger caused by asbestos is supported by statistics because incidence of mesothelioma in Australia remains to be one of the highest in the world.

Having said that, asbestos removal in Perth can be done efficiently by KBE Contracting, a Perth-based Asbestos Removal and Demolition Company.  They are highly equipped and have professional teams to do asbestos removal efficiently and safely.  KBE can also do reinstalling of the parts of the building which have been removed, now 100% asbestos free.