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Perth Asbestos Removal & Commercial Roofing Contractors

Welcome to KBE Asbestos Removal and Commercial Roofing Contractors. KBE Contracting is a Worksafe licensed Asbestos Removal and Demolition Company servicing Perth and Western Australia. With over 25 years of experience, we have built a positive and solid reputation in the area of Asbestos Removal, Commercial Roofing, Wall and Roof Cladding and Demolition in Perth and across Western Australia. 

Our professional asbestos disposal team can safely remove asbestos, and replace it with wall or roof cladding according to your specifications. KBE Contracting’s cladding services in Perth and surrounding Western Australia will install new steel cladding (such as Colorbond) to ensure your roof is of the highest standard. Besides domestic and commercial roof installation and roof restoration services, our expert team of Perth roofing contractors can also install roof insulation at the same time.

Our licenced Perth Demolition contractors can demolish any standing home or building.

So for all you Perth roofing and building requirements, only deal with a trusted Western Australia company. Call our team of qualified contractors at (08) 9358-1170 for a FREE quote today.

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